Each summer presents an opportunity for students to get ahead or catch up on missed skills from the previous school year. This summer, Amplified Learning Center has developed a new summer program with classes designed to meet your student's needs. Literacy, Mathematics, and our new Spelling Bee class are courses that will be available under the new summer program.

How Does It Work?

We have developed a simple process to get your student set up for our summer courses. After contacting Amplified Learning Center, your student will begin taking classes after you have completed the following steps:


To prepare for the start of one of our courses, a placement test will be administered to assess your student's skills.


.Complete our onboarding process to find out your student's learning style and set up an account for tutoring.


Select the corresponding course, Summer Session and time that you'd like to enroll your student in. Time to learn!

Summer Course Offerings


Our literacy classes will help your student to build confidence in both reading and writing. Whether your student is learning to read, or looking to improve their reading comprehension and written communication skills, we have courses designed to give them the support they need to achieve their goals. All literacy courses include coverage of phonics, reading comprehension, writing, grammar, and mechanics strategies.


Math is a progression of skills. Being a successful math student requires mastery of fundamental skills. At ALC, we believe in fine tuning fundamental skills so that students will have the math fluency that they need in order to be more successful when introduced to higher level math courses.

The Spelling Bee

Spelling is a skill that everyone can benefit from having. Since reading and spelling are closely related, working to improve both skills will ultimately improve overall literacy. This course is designed to expand vocabulary and strengthen spelling proficiency. 

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