Amplified Tutoring Sessions

ALC offers 3 types of tutoring sessions. 

 One-on-One Sessions

This option is for students that prefer to work on their own. The sessions are individualized and personalized to your student’s needs and learning style. This option is also for those who are looking for help with homework and projects, organization skills, and more. Only one student per tutor will be in the session.

Small Group Sessions

The second option also addresses your student’s needs, but allows for them to work alongside other students. This option is for students that learn better with others. It provides an opportunity for students to sign up with friends, or to be grouped with peers that have similar needs in the same content area. These sessions are capped at 3 students, with one instructor.


The third option includes our subject-specific courses. These courses are optimized to deepen your student's knowledge of a subject that they have not yet mastered. These classes include 8 sessions that are held in succession. The courses are capped at a maximum of 15 students, and are led by certified teachers.

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