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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Amplified Learning Center offer for SAT/ACT Prep?

Amplified Learning Center offers an intense 5-week (16-hours) SAT and ACT prep course. These courses are available during the school year and over the summer. See our schedule here.

How is the 5-week intensive course designed?

Each student receives a personalized learning plan, hands-on activities to achieve learning goals, and practice tests.

What will the students do? 

Students will learn test taking strategies and skills tailored to their specific needs to reach their highest potential.

What does my student receive? 

An SAT/ACT prep binder with a pacing/study guide, schedule, and assignments is included with the course.

(Students are required to bring their TI-84 Graphing Calculator to all sessions. All other course materials will be provided.)

Should my student prepare for the SAT or the ACT?

That depends on your student's strengths.  If your child is strong in science and prefers straight forward questions, then the ACT may be the test for your child.  However, if your student prefers reasoning and analyzing data, then the SAT may be the preferred test.

We recommend taking this quiz to find out which test best fits your learning style.

How do I get started?


1. Become a Member:

Purchase and reserve your seat to take an Academic Learning Inventory in reading and in math in order to determine your student's Lexile and Quantile levels.

2. Take the Academic Learning Inventory:
Your student has two options of taking the Academic Learning Inventory:
a) at home*
b) at Amplified Learning Center

*If your student would like to take the test at home, email us at info@amplifiedlearningcenter.com so that we can email you the testing link.

3. Purchase the Course Package:
Once your student takes the Academic Learning Inventory, log into your account. Visit the "Classes" page and select and purchase the course package that you would like for your student.