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Getting Started - Tutoring

It's easy!


Create a Customer Account.


Enroll as a Member.

  • Log into your new account and create a "new booking".


Register online for an Academic Learning Inventory.

  • Select a session date and time that works best for your schedule and click "Book".


Parent-Student Consultation.

  • Your child's learning experience begins with a learning inventory in reading and mathematics. After the academic learning inventory, we will determine how your child learns best by using a learning styles inventory.

  • Analysis. Your student's academic and learning styles inventories are analyzed, and the results are shared with you immediately following the Academic Learning Inventory.

  • Scheduling. Sessions are 50 minute in length. We offer flexible scheduling. Sessions typically begin within two weeks of the initial consultation.

Tutoring Sessions.

  • Tutoring sessions are best used to get ahead in reading or in mathematics. However, these sessions may be also be used for additional support for homework or to study for a test. 

Progress Monitoring.

  • We monitor your student's progress.  Our tutors complete a "Tutor Talk" evaluation that is emailed to you at the end of each learning session.   Your child's tutor is also available to answer any questions that you may have about your child's progress. At the end of 8 learning sessions, we ask that your child takes another academic learning inventory to monitor his or her progress.